In short, a blood count is the technical name that is assigned to the complete blood count, thus being a test with which the number of blood cells is counted. There are three types of cells present in the blood – hemoglobin, white blood cells and platelets.

What is a blood count?

As already indicated, a hemograma completo is useful to know what is the value of blood cells, which is why it is indicated as a requirement by doctors when trying to review or know the health status in general terms of a person. With the information obtained from a blood count, you can establish or diagnose diseases, identify what has been the effect of a treatment, the side effects of it, among other variables.

A clear example of the above is to think that in the amount of red blood cells that can be released through a blood count, a health professional is able to know if someone has a picture of anemia when the red blood cells are distributed in a low amount. Another alternative is to observe that the number of white blood cells is not ideal, which is why the person is more likely to be infected by infections and diseases in general.

In relation to platelets, bleeding is possible, although this is not the normal reaction. An example of the above is nosebleeds or bleeding from the gums that occur inexplicably.

Conclusion: Formula and test

First of all, it is clear that a blood count is defined as an analytical test in which a blood count is performed, in order to identify the presence of the three most important cells in the blood – red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.In this way, the blood formula that is obtained from a blood count is what defines the number, proportion and variations of blood components, by quantifying cell groups and evaluating other types of elements.

Information to know before having a blood count

It may be interesting to know the level of hemoglobin, because with this data you can define some type of disorder at the level of the red blood cells.Likewise, the Hemogram provides information on the hematocrit, where a variation in the parameters is an indicator of diseases linked to different types of anemia. These medical examinations must be done from professional diagnostic centre as you must need exact data to treat yourself.

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