Whether you choose air conditioning for heating or cooling, there are a few things you need to know and tell the trader to make the right choice. Here is what you need to consider when choosing an air conditioner.

1. How big is the room you want to heat or cool?

This may be a key point and certainly the first thing that will ask you. The merchant cannot know how large the room or room you want to put in the air conditioner is. The exact dimensions will serve as a reference, and he will ask you the next question. With the best in aircon servicing singapore now you will find the perfect solutions available.

2. Do you have a good isolation, be it external or internal?

We do not think it necessary to explain how important it is. Good insulation will keep warm air in the winter and air conditioning will not waste time catching up with lost heat. The same is true during the hot months when using the cooling unit.

3. What exhibition does the room have?

The exposure is very important. For example, for a south-facing room, an air conditioner will be sufficient for heating or cooling. But there are also rooms that are north and air conditioning would be weak. Ubiquitous rooms can contain moisture and then you will need to buy an air conditioner that has the ability to suck moisture from the room.

4. Brick or panel?

This also applies to insulation. It is a well-known fact that the brick has better insulation qualities. It keeps warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In such a room the air conditioner will have less work, will more easily reach the set temperature and save too much electricity, which will affect the bills. If your dwelling is panel, the situation may become feeble if you do not have a good isolation. With the good at aircon servicing singapore now you will get the best details available.

5. What is the type of window frames?

This is where the joinery is new or old. Like everything, she is wearing and deforming. Old window frames can pass through the warm or cool air. This leads to a loss, the air conditioner is loaded, and only you lose. The new joinery, on the other hand, does not allow these problems to occur and, in general, the task of the air conditioner is made easier.

6. How much is the height and there are breaks in your dwelling?

This may seem a minor issue to you, but it is extremely important for the consultant. Your apartment may be attic and then it will not be the same anywhere in height. Maybe it is long and narrow or in some places on two levels. The consultant needs this information to offer you the best, and to be as useful to you as possible.

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